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Player name: Tengu
AIM contact: you know this
Alternate contacts: you also know this
Character name: Roger Smith
Source canon: The Big O
Community tag: roger smith
Do I want a HMD: I already have one

Notes: If possible, I would like a TSEN to be installed at or near Roger's house after the first mission, for easy access to Paradigm.
Memories in Paradigm, usually ones from before 40 years ago, are not just how we understand them, but also badly understood physical objects. Obtaining them lets you understood long-forgotten technologies and principles.

Background: Paradigm City, the city of lost memories. A mysterious metropolis with a schizophrenic tech level, with some elements resembling prohibition-era America, others modern, and others complete futuristic. Everyone living in this city lost their memories 40 years ago, and nobody knows what happened before that. Paradigm has been existing as a completely independent, isolated society, with no contact with the outside. But that is about to change...
Roger's background is as mysterious as the place where he lives. It is a known fact that he used to work for the Paradigm police force, a job that left him with several useful contacts. Currently, however, he is Paradigm's top negotiator, working for the rich and famous - and in this crime-riddled city, such people always find a job. And, most importantly, as long as he can remember, Roger has the command of Big O - a powerful Megadeus that can come to his aid when called. How did he obtain the robot is a mystery, even to himself. Most people don't know who pilots Big O, just that the black Megadeus is the defender of the city.
Personality: Roger is first and foremost a gentleman, one who takes pride in his work as a negotiator. He tries to treat everyone in a polite, professional manner - not an easy feat, considering his penchant for dry humour and the collection of weirdos he often has to deal with. He is courteous to women and often declares that a lady in trouble can always find help in his home. He takes his work seriously and, during negotiations, always tries to reach an agreement that will satisfy both parties, but recognizes that is not always possible. While Roger projects the aura of a neutral third party, the truth is that often he cannot stay just an observer and lets his sense of justice take over. Because of this, he often pokes his nose into situations where he has technically no business being, to bring a criminal to justice, help an innocent, or find the truth about one of Paradigm's many forgotten mysteries. While he is not as obsessed about them as certain other characters from his story, it is a fact that Roger is interested in the lost past, both Paradigm's and his own.
While he is a man of wealth and taste, Roger is also rather eccentric. He doesn't like waking up before noon (partially a result of his semi-nocturnal lifestyle, partially just preference) and can throw very uncharacteristic tantrums when woken up too early. He insists that everyone who lives in his house dresses in black. As a hobby, he makes hourglasses, which is completely not symbolic or anything. He doesn't like to use guns and sees them as unfitting for a gentleman, even though he pilots a giant robot that sometimes also uses guns. Still, by Paradigm City standards, he is not even that weird.
At first Roger is a bit prejudiced against robots - he doesn't hate or fear them, he just doesn't consider them fully people the way humans are. This quickly changes as he has more contact with them.
Capabilities and Resources: In addition to his skills as a negotiator, Roger is also very athletic and proficient in combat - usually good old fisticuffs, but he can pick us other weapons if he absolutely has to. He has access to many useful gadgets, most notably his watch which can shoot a grappling hook and be used to summon Big O remotely. He's also a competent investigator. In short, he's Anime Batman.
Roger has a net of contacts in Paradigm, which helps him find information and jobs - his trusted informant, Big Ear, is especially useful here, as well as Dastun, the chief of Paradigm police. He's also stinking rich, living in a big mansion with an underground hangar for Big O. He has a butler named Norman. Norman is a badass.

Type: Combatant

Unit Name: Big O
Unit Description: Big O is a mighty behemoth of a mecha, with the agility of an elephant but really strong armor and lots of raw power. It is a Megadeus, a strange type of robot that seems to have a mind of its own - only those deemed not guilty can pilot it (you don't want to know what happens with those Big O deems guilty), and it sometimes acts autonomously, usually to follow Roger's call but sometimes for other purposes as well. It is a mystery who created Big O, and for what purpose.
Big O's main way of attacking is simply punching things with its mighty fists. If that's not enough, it can use the Sudden Impact, an attack where the pressure pistons in its arms are used to add even more power to its punch. Big O also possesses ranged attacks - Arc Line is a strong eye beam, and Chrome Buster an even more powerful blast fired from its whole head (and accompanied by a Coool Pose). From more conventional weaponry, Big O's chest hosts the Missile Party and Cannon Party, a multitude of missiles and guns respectively. For fighting flying or nimble opponents, Big O can employ Moby Dick Anchors, homing chains fired from the legs or the chest, which can be used to attach to or entangle enemies. From defensive systems,  in addition to its heavy armor the Megadeus has massive arm shields for blocking enemy attacks.
Size: L (30 meters and massive for its height)
Terrain compatibility:
Air: No
Ground: Yes
Water: No
Space: No
Favored terrain: Ground

Upgrades: Over time, Big O unlocks several new weapons. These systems were there all along, Roger just didn't use them (probably because he didn't know they are there). These weapons are:
O Thunder - powerful beam gatling guns housed in Big O's arms. In addition to the rapid fire blasts, shooting one causes an energy ring to appear around the arm, which flies towards the enemy and explodes.
Plasma Gimmick - an energy shield that can be used to defend against incoming attacks (though it renders Big O immobile and unable to do anything else as it keeps up the barrier), and to attack, smashing into surrounding enemies and exploding.
Final Stage - a gigantic phallic cannon located in Big O's chest, with enough power to cause wide-scale destruction. Easily the Megadeus' most powerful weapon, but it has massive recoil and leaves Big O unable to defend itself while it charges, virtually requiring the use of Moby Dick Anchors and Plasma Gimmick during the charge-up process.

Wingmen: n/a

Mission requirement: First mission.
Suggested Event List:

Event 1 - Like SRW Z, But Not Quite
After a certain mission happens, Setsuko wakes up at the Smith mansion. Roger and Norman are around, and can explain what has happened - Roger is in the middle of looking for Dorothy Waynewright, an android who was kidnapped by a gangster named Jason Beck. Two old men, both of whom were involved in the creation of Dorothy and each of whom treated her as his daughter, were already killed by Beck's men. Nasty business. Roger looks like he was in a scuffle recently - he was in a fight with Beck's gangsters, during which Dorothy was kidnapped. He found Setsuko and her machine soon after that.

Mission 1 - Dorothy Dorothy
No matter what happens during the first event, soon after that a Unity Group search party finds Paradigm City in some desolate part of America - somehow a whole whopping city evaded everyone's attention until now! They meet with Setsuko and Roger, but there's not much time to celebrate, because suddenly there's news that the Paradigm city mint is attacked! The attacker is a vaguely female-looking Megadeus named Dorothy-1 and controlled by Beck, who accompanies it in its own machine. He's after the molds kept in the mint! The fight gets complicated as soon after it starts, Dorothy is revealed to be Dorothy-1's power source, hidden inside her head. We have to pull her out before beating the Megadeus!
Dorothy 1
- single unit
Beck Victory Deluxe - single unit

After the fight, Dorothy is safely retrieved (and becomes Roger's maid soon afterwards, having no place to stay), Beck and his goons are arrested, and the day is saved. Alex Rosewater, the CEO of Paradigm Corporation and de facto leader of Paradigm City, assigns Roger as the main negotiator in the talks between Paradigm and ESUN, in order to establish relations - until they conclude, the knowledge of the outside world is kept secret from the Paradigm public and vice versa. But, unknowingly to everyone else, Rosewater is purposely making sure the talks are going at a snail's pace. It serves his purposes to keep the people in the dark, for now.

Mission 2 - Underground Terror
Roger gets a job from Rosewater - find Michael Seebach, a reporter who went missing, and convince him to turn over a manuscript he was working on. Roger's investigation leads him to believe Seebach can be found in Paradigm's abandoned underground (or another near underground complex, if it works for other canons), and he leads a group of volunteers to investigate. Dorothy tags along.
The mission starts with a non-combat part on foot. The group descends into the subway-like tunnels; strangely enough, as they get deeper, the old and ruined corridors seem to be getting newer. Stuff is pretty creepy; at one point a light appears in the distance (it's gone before anyone can reach it). Sometimes, phantom figures can be spotted moving in the darkness. Eventually, the explorers reach a large chamber, with what looks like a replica of an underground city, covered in layers of dust. What looks like Megadeus skeletons are strewn over the chamber, some of them partially buried in the ground - and a mummy-like individual emerges from the darkness, standing atop one of them. Turns out it's Seebach, who abandoned his old identity and now calls himself Schwarzwald. He mocks Roger and company, calling them dogs on Paradigm Corporation's leash. If prompted, he says he's been searching for the truth;  before everyone lost their memories giant robots were common in Paradigm, and he could harness their powers if he possessed memories from back then. His current appearance is the result of trying to release the power of a Megadeus he found. Then he attacks Roger, entangling him with bandages from afar and trying to throw a set lighter - but Dorothy starts to speak in a strange language, and her presence causes the skeletal Archetypes to awaken! Schwarzwald sets himself on fire instead and stumbles into the darkness.
Prairie Dog (Roger's underground train-like vehicle) delivers Big O and mecha of other people on the mission right on time, and a fight with the aggressive Archetypes starts. After they're destroyed, Schwarzwald is nowhere to be found. With no answers, all that's left is return to the surface. We'll meet that guy again...
Archetype - several (single in canon, but that's probably not enough for a mission)

Event 2 - The Call From The Past (non-combat part)
Roger is hired to negotiate the price of fish from Paradigm's fishermen. However, they are all afraid to fish because a sea titan has awakened. Also, strange frog-like creatures have been spotted emerging from the sea at night, including by Roger himself. To solve this mystery, the negotiator borrows a large diving pod, which he wants to use to investigate the underwater. Anyone who wants to come tags along. Someone unwanted also tags along - Angel, a mysterious and greedy woman with whom Roger had contact in the past.
Angel almost leaves everyone else behind as she tries to dive on her own to grab the large stash of memories that's apparently kept underground. Everyone gets in the pod, though, and as it dives, they can see ruins of an old city, flooded by the sea. One of the buildings seems to still have power, and the pod heads there - but it's suddenly attacked by the frogmen, which turn out to be men in diving suits! They damage the pod beyond repair, and everyone is stuck in the underwater building.
The purpose of this event is to get people familiar with Angel and get a chance to interact with her - also, when she takes off her jacket because it gets too hot, Roger spots two scars on her back, which is totally not symbolic at all. Eventually, the group of stuck people observes something outside - the divers appear again, heading into another building, where bright light starts to shine. It's where the memories are stored... But suddenly, the storage explodes, and the safe building starts to collapse! When Angel is distracted, Roger calls the Big O (he doesn't want her to know his secret), which arrives, controlled by Dorothy, and saves everyone. It seems everything ended well, but the frogmen are nowhere to be found, and the underwater explosion awakened something...

Mission 3 - The Call From The Past
Soon (maybe even immediately after!) the previous event, Paradigm or another near seaside city is attacked by monsters! Dagon is not intentionally wrecking havoc as much as looking for the master he lost, long ago, but he will get enraged if attacked by the defenders - anything volatile or explosive will cause its "disguise" to burn up. At the same time, the Eels are trying to suck out electricity from anything they can reach - they prefer to stay in the water if they can, though they can get on the ground if they have to.
This mission is simply a monster bash, but there's one notable thing that happens (only if it takes place in Paradigm) - in the middle of it, Angel appears an yells not to attack Dagon's head, because that's where the memories are stored. Roger disregards that, though,  because he doesn't want the memories to be exploited, so he tells everyone to go for the head. This is what he'll do himself, and after the mission Angel will be pissed off at the pilots of mecha who broke Dagon's head. Good she doesn't know who pilots Big O!
Dagon - single unit
Eel - either several or a single unit

Event 3 - A Legacy of Amadeus
This is actually a list of several events. Some time can happen between them (the first can even happen before the previous mission), though the last two have to happen shortly before mission 4.

Annoyed by Dorothy's piano music lacking heart, Roger takes her to visit an old friend of his - an android named R. Instro, who is the piano player at a bar called Amadeus, and the "son" of its late owner, also named Amadeus. Instro is a nice guy, loves music and is happy to teach Dorothy. They also meet an old man named Geesang, who was a friend of Amadeus and asks Instro if he's still not interested in following his father's legacy. Instro refuses. Both of them refuse to elaborate on what are they talking about.
By asking Dastun, Roger learns that Amadeus and Geesang were scientists working on sound waves. At one point, their experiment went wrong, killing Amadeus - after this fact Paradigm cut off funding to their research.

Later, Dorothy finds and adopts an abandoned black kitten and names him Perro. Perro is adorable, also makes a mess of Roger's place like cats are prone to do. Do note that animals are rare in Paradigm, which makes Roger wonder why would anyone abandon a valuable pet.

Shortly before the mission, when Roger and Dorothy go to Amadeus, they find the bar in ruins, recently destroyed by what seems to be a shockwave of some sort. Instro is missing, so is Geesang. Not good. Investigating Amadeus' old, destroyed house yields no results either, though the damage it suffered long ago looks very similar to what happened to the bar.

To make matters more complicated, soon after that (probably a day or a few later) Perro's owners, Mr. and Mrs. Ferry, arrive at Roger's place and ask for his return. It's obvious they care for the kitten a lot and don't want to part with him no matter how much money they're offered. Roger is willing to hand Perro over to his rightful owners, when suddenly the situation goes sour - a man identified by the couple as Eugene attacks, using a small flying craft and a gun. Despite resistance from all parties present, including Norman with a machinegun, Eugene manages to kill the couple, kidnap Perro (or, as Mrs. Ferry called him before her death, Roy) and Dorothy, and escape. But, with Big Ear's help, Roger finds out where he went to, and it's time for a rescue operation.

Mission 4 - Missing Cat
Roger and company break into Eugene's underground laboratory - probably with mecha already, because screw that noise, shit is serious. Inside, they find lots of creepy machinery, glass containers filled with horrible, mutated creatures, an ominous pool of water, and Dorothy, guarded by Eugene and some goons. Eugene is willing to admit what he's done, either to Dorothy or the others - he's an alchemist, possessing the ability to manipulate life itself. He was hired by the Paradigm elite to create cats and dogs, animals that are rare in the city - but with the help from the Ferrys he double-crossed them, and started to build an army of monsters instead. When the Ferrys backed off, he kidnapped their son Roy and turned him into a research specimen - the kitten which Dorothy found. If nobody realized it yet, Roger or Dorothy will call it out - all the creatures Eugene created used to be people...
Suddenly, a horrible chimera bursts out from the watery pool, to attack the interlopers! Before the combat starts, or soon after it does, suddenly it gets reinforces - a Megadeus rushes in from the darkness! Its pilot is Instro, who explains himself - he was never built to be a pianist, but as a controller for Constanze, the Megadeus. After his father was abandoned by Paradigm, he built Constanze to have his revenge, and was killed for that. Roger tells Instro he's mistaken - that it was Geesang who was abandoned by Paradigm, and who is in actuality responsible for Amadeus' death. A figure appears in the shadows - it's Geesang, who yells to Instro not to listen to Roger's lies. It appears that the two mad scientists have teamed up! Instro reluctantly says he wants to fulfill his father's legacy, and gets quiet.
The battle starts. Most of the lab gets wrecked during the fight. Dorothy plays a crucial role here - she can be freed easily enough, possibly even by herself, and it is her who realizes the chimera is Perro, and calls towards it to stop attacking. Her interference might also help convince Instro.
When Constanze is critically damaged, Instro says all he wanted to do is play the piano, and expresses his sadness that his father's legacy is a weapon of destruction. He can be easily convinced to leave now - he pulls out his arms from the controllers, destroying his hands, but survives. When the chimera is stopped by Dorothy, it indeed recognizes her - it smashes Eugene (and Geesang, if he's still alive) to death, then turns around and heads back into the laboratory. At this point, the lab is seconds away from collapsing, leaving just enough time for the players to leave and take Instro and Dorothy with them.
Chimera - single unit. Not much of a description, but it has tentacles, a giant second maw in its chest, and lots of physical strength and endurance.
Constanze - single unit
Experiments - other biological monsters created by Eugene, if mooks are needed to pad out the mission. Their numbers and abilities are up to the mission runner.

The mission ends on a bittersweet note. But, despite his lack of hands, Instro can still help Dorothy play the piano - music became his purpose in life again. And, with out of Paradigm technology, maybe we can restore his hands. With Instro's help, Dorothy plays a song for Perro.

Mission 5 - The Enemy is Another Big! (Season 1 finale)
A mysterious Megadeus has been seen skulking around Paradigm, and Roger has a feeling that is soon confirmed - he meets Schwarzwald during a creepy masquerade ball, during which the latter points out the corruption and decadence of Paradigm's upper spheres, burns up the severance check from Paradigm Roger hands to him, and claims the city will soon burn as well. Then, he remotely sets everyone's masks on fire, causing chaos, and escapes.
Soon after that, Schwarzwald proves his words weren't empty, and approaches Paradigm with a group of Archetypes and his own Megadeus. This is a straightforward fight, but a hard one - the bandages over Schwarzwald's machine are ripped off quickly, revealing it is not a mummy-like figure but the flying Big Duo, at least as tough as Big O but with great mobility advantage! Big Duo causes lots of collateral damage during this fight, including breaking one of the glass domes above Paradigm and smashing a huge crater in the ground.
In the middle of the fight, Big Duo suddenly starts operating on its own, and Schwarzwald falls out of its cockpit, exclaiming that it's happening again. When it's moving on its own, Big Duo is even more powerful! Schwarzwald asks Roger if a Megadeus chooses its own master and control its pilot, or the other way around. Roger cannot answer.
The fight ends when all enemies are destroyed. When it's over, it turns out Schwarzwald disappeared somewhere again. But, with Big Duo destroyed, it doesn't look like he will threaten Paradigm again anytime soon. Or will he...?
Big Duo - single unit
Archetype - several

That is it for season 1. Season 2 missions will appear when we're close to it.
However, there is one more mission that can be run! It can happen only during a very special time - around Christmas. The details are yet to be discussed, but if the timing is right... Get ready for Daemonseed,  Or How Beck Stole Heaven's Day!

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